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Employees at Biersack

Biersack is successful through its employees.

Approximately 130 qualified and motivated employees produce demanding products for our customers.

Our team is composed of engineers, technicians, masters, skilled workers and trainees. Professional competence and extensive experience with various products and materials are the outstanding features of the entire team.

At Biersack the employee is not just a number!

The company policy highlights the importance of employees at Biersack. Here is an excerpt:

"Our employees are our most valuable asset, we recognize and promote their performance, we promote the independent thinking and actions of our employees and qualify them systematically and regularly in quality, environment and work safety.

We involve our employees in the implementation and maintenance of our management system by encouraging them to develop their own ideas and suggestions for all processes. "

What do we offer our employees?

The most important values ​​at Biersack are

  • market orientation 
  • motivation 
  • straightforwardness 
  • and sustainability

This means that there is a high demand at Biersack. We therefore expect from our employees

  • Enthusiasm for technology and innovation 
  • Discipline, commitment and engagement
  • Adaptability and flexibility 
  • Speed 
  • Independence and responsibility 
  • Quality awareness and reliability 
  • Teamwork 
  • Improvement and continuing education

In return, we are a very attractive and innovative company and offer our employees a lot. Here is just an excerpt:

  • A modern and attractive collective agreement 
  • Appreciation and responsibility 
  • Training and career opportunities 
  • Proximity and openness to the management and the superiors 
  • Transparency (regular employee information) 
  • Modern and innovative infrastructure (buildings, machines, software, etc.) 
  • Challenging tasks and freedom 
  • Workplace safety and long-term partnerships 
  • Jobs in an excellent and attractive region 
  • Solid remuneration, social benefits and occupational pensions 
  • High working safety 
  • A great business climate (regular festivals and activities) 
  • Free bottled water from soda machines 
  • Small touches on special occasions 
  • and much more


At Biersack, there are many career and career opportunities, such as:

  • Machine operators and production assistants 
  • Specialists in warehousing and logistics 
  • Assembly professionals 
  • Qualified specialists in machining 
  • CNC programmers
  • Foreman, team leader or master 
  • Quality assurance and measurement technology professionals
  • Specialists for quality management, the environment and work safety
  • Office and administration professionals
  • Specialists for work preparation 
  • Technicians and engineers 
  • Purchaser sales staff 
  • and much more.

The internal and external training program at Biersack is above average and offers all employees regular opportunities to meet the high requirements.


Providing people with an education is very important to management. For the trainees it means the best way to get into the professional world and the company ensures the qualified workforce.

Through our own new generation, our skilled workforce is kept at a high level and constantly expanded.

Every year, several trainees are trained in the technical and commercial field. Most of these are also integrated into the company after their training and are firmly adopted. At Biersack, 10-12 trainees are constantly on the team. To date, more than 90 apprentices have been trained in the company's history.

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Job offers

At Biersack, we are almost always looking for qualified and dedicated specialists.

See our job vacancies to see if a vacancy is open to you or apply for an initiative.