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Philosophy at Biersack

Our Vision

We will be the best and most adaptable technology partner for high-quality and complex mechanical challenges. 

Our Mission 

We develop ideas with our customers to the point of sale.
With our technology and our services, we continuously accompany our customers on their way to success.
Our technical know-how is the cornerstone for high-quality material-independent system solutions for all industries. 

At Biersack we are 

market-oriented, performance-oriented, sustainable and uncomplicated.

Company Policy

Through a holistic view of our processes and with the active involvement of all interested parties, we are developing our company policy. Our company policy, like our management system, considers all areas of our company and includes quality, environment, and work safety. Our company policy serves as a guideline for the definition of corporate objectives, and is therefore continually evaluated and continually improved regarding your appropriateness. Our corporate policy is accessible for all stakeholders and interested parties. It obligates all employees including management.

We are an economic entity and our thinking and actions are based on economic and market principles. Our primary goal is to be successful in the long term and to remain permanently on the market in order to continuously provide people with work and wages.

The long-term and comprehensive satisfaction of our customers is the top priority and is the prerequisite for our continued existence. Quality, deadline, and price are the decisive factors for our customers and we are anxious to meet them to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. The customer sets the standard for our quality. Quality means for us the full fulfillment of customer expectations and customer wishes. We strive for "zero error".

For us environmental protection is an important consideration in addition to economic success, the quality of our products as well as occupational health and safety.

We also see environmental and occupational safety as an important management task. We also want to ensure that it is implemented in all operational functions, at all levels in concrete goals and behavioral rules.

We are guided by the processes in our company and want to increase transparency. There is a customer at the beginning and end of each process. We also consider internal persons as customers, which we want to satisfy.

Our employees are our most valuable asset, so we recognize and promote their performance. We promote the independent thinking and actions of our employees and qualify them systematically and regularly in quality, environment and work safety.

We involve our employees in the implementation and maintenance of our management system by encouraging them to develop their own ideas and suggestions for all processes.

We understand statutory provisions as the minimum requirement for our actions and acknowledge compliance with all quality-related, environmental and safety-relevant requirements, laws and regulations. This also includes the requirements of our stakeholders as well as the standards that we commit ourselves to. We strive for a higher level of quality, environmental protection, and occupational safety throughout the company..

We are committed to our location, to our regional culture and way of life and we want to contribute to the protection of our Bavarian homeland, traditions and landscape.

Management on January 1, 2016

Karl-Heinz, Dominik and Michael Biersack