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Components for airspace and aerospace have fulfill special demands on pressure ratios, warmth, density and environmental impacts. Therefore their production requires high precision and diligence, just like branch specific experience and knowledge.

We have been in production in aerospace for more than two decades
For more than 25 years the Biersack company in Beilngries produces components for valuable OEM systems in the field aerospace. The individual and serial parts are produced in diverse materials. We also implement complete assembly projects professionally. That’s why we are your competent contact person in this sector.

  • Cargo loading systems
  • Door components and meatl mount
  • Fuel lines
  • Casing and structural components
  • Helicopter parts
  • Satellite parts

You can find flying pieces of the Biersack company for example in the following programs:

A320neo, A330, A330 MRRT, A350, B747, Embraer KC-390, EC135, ATV, Columbus, Meteor...

  • Heavy-duty chipping (titanium, high-strength aviation steel)
  • Component chipping from a whole piece / volume chipping
  • Best Practice competence in the qualification of castings f.e. cast aluminium and investment casting of titanium
  • Chipping of small and big components
  • Complete supply chain management including material procurement, purchased parts, standards, surface treatment at qualified partners
  • Montage of components and systems
  • Special aerospace processes f.e. NAFTO-sealing, riventing, inspired by following AIPS:
  • AIPS 01-02-016 ( Installation of rivetless nutplates)
  • AIPS 01-02-027 (Installation of blind rivet nuts)
  • AIPS 08-03-002 (Permanent Marking with Ink)
  • AIPS 01-02-017 (General Assembly and Installation of Fasterners)
  • AIPS 01-01-004 ( Installation of solid rivets)
  • AIPS 01-02-008 (Tightening torques of screws, bolts & nuts)
  • Just like various 80T-standards f.e. 80-T-40-3312 (installing ground connections) or testing of electrical conductivity
  • Comprehensive quality assurance and QM-systems according to EN9100
  • Initial samplings
  • Delegated product testers
  • Warehouse and logistic services

We value the following aspects

Our claim for quality pays especially in the sector of system supplier for aerospace. A special trust rests on products and producers in this branch. We’ve been working in this sector for more than 25 years and have respective experience.

The Biersack company supports you in your plans in the air and outer space:

  • Decades of experience in the aerospace sector
  • Specialized on individual and complex solutions
  • Modern and diverse machine park
  • Aeronautics product liability insurance
  • 1 permanent contact person for your requirements