Foundries / Forging

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Foundries / Forging

Biersack co-operates with many foundries and forges on the supplier side as well as on customer side. That’s how we want to ensure that we can provide a comprehensive service in all fields to our customers.

We have long-term experience in purchasing and chipping of cast and forge components.

So we can present you the following offers:

  • Cast iron
  • Grey cast iron
  • Aluminium casting (sand, mold and fine casting)
  • Titanium investment castings
  • Forged parts of steel and titanium

Following competences label us in the found and forge sector:

  1. Own construction and production of fixtures and tools
  2. Large storage for fixtures
  3. Contact to many foundries and forges
  4. Universally installed machine park for mechanical processing
  5. Excellent surface and heat treatment partners
  6. Comprehensive testing and control options
  7. Tightness tests
  8. Parts cleaning

In the found and forge sector and the forming of diverse materials, the Biersack company, likes to be the partner at your side. You benefit from modern machines, high quality and a network of suppliers and customers which we were able to build up over the past years.