Measurement technology

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Measurement technology

The exact measurement of physical sizes with simple methods and devices are an important factor in many fields. Measurement errors or fault measurements can lead to serious consequences in industry and research.

Biersack produces components for measurement and test technology.

The Biersack company produces components of all kinds in the measurement and test technology sector for demanding customers.

For example the following components fall into our field of competence:

  • Coordinate measurement machines
  • Optical measuring machines
  • Industrial Computed Tomography
  • Test and measurement sensors
  • Devices for non-destructive testing

The Biersack company assists you in the measurement sector and helps you in developing and continuous partial optimization of their measurement devices.

We offer following services to our customers:

  1. Help with development and continuous part omptimization
  2. Production of all mechanical precision parts
  3. Procurements of all purchases and normal parts (incl. electronics)
  4. Production of composite components, especially CFK / carbon fibre
  5. Technical leading
  6. Surface treatment by qualified suppliers
  7. Ongoing quality control and quality assurance
  8. Montage of all mechanical and electrical components and functional testing
  9. Supplying and consignment stocking

The Registration of Data

The registration of data is essential for every production process. The data must be generated quickly and exactly, so one can further work with them. They can serve as guidelines for further production or for quality assurance. Special attention lies on the non-destructive testing of certain components on various criteria.

We can offer a series of diverse possibilities for measurement. Optical measurement devices, industrial computer tomography, sensible measurement sensors etc. They all serve for the registration of characteristics. These can be visual characteristics like surface, form, color etc., but also non-visual characteristics like density or speed.

Innovative technologies of Biersack

Behind all measurement devices lies a high sensible innovative technology, which is produced by Biersack with the highest diligence. We also like to take over the leading of individual components or assemblies for radiation protection purposes for you.

Trust in our long-term experience in the measurement sector and develop with us ideal solutions.