Mechanical engineering and plant engineering

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Mechanical engineering and plant engineering

Machines have to work correctly, their failure is especially in industrial and production processes have a direct correlation with production stops and accompanying revenue losses.

The German mechanical engineering enjoys a good reputation in the whole world.

For the general mechanical engineering the Biersack company produces various individual and serial parts, special and weld constructions, apparatus, components and entire devices. For this we are an important value added partner for the following machines:

  • SMD placement machines
  • Chemical plants / electroplating
  • Delivery systems and logistic facilities
  • Wire drawing machines
  • Woodturning lathes
  • Machine tools
  • Welding systems
  • and many more

Our services in the mechanical and plant engineering sector

Just like in the other fields of action the Biersack company in Beilngries offers a variety of different services in the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Due to our competence in this sector we are able to produce single components, assemblies, or even entire machines for you.

Our range of service includes the following aspects:

  1. Technical advice on the design and configuration of parts
  2. Purchase of all raw materials
  3. Manufacture of all mechanical precision parts
  4. Welding of assemblies
  5. Lead coating of parts such as generator or whole chambers
  6. Procurement of purchase and standard parts as well as sheet metal linings
  7. Paintings by qualified suppliers
  8. Ongoing quality control and assurance
  9. Assembly and final inspection
  10. Delivery and storage
  11. After Sales Service (repairs, overhauls, spare parts)

Mechanical engineering gets more and more important

More and more industrial work processes are facilitated by the use of machines. A lower default rate, higher precision, and faster service are just some of the reasons to name. The development in this sector proceeds steadily, the inventions of new and sensitive machines are on the agenda. Especially in bigger productions with high quantity mechanical support is indispensable. Mechanical engineering is therefore a quickly growing sector with high potential.

In production, further work, or transport, we face mechanical construction every day. Its failure means often a bitter loss. That’s why it is important that the mechanical pieces are produced by a reliable partner with high-quality materials.

You’ve found that kind of mechanical engineering partner in the Biersack company. We assist you with our long-term experience and help you to implement your plans.