Radiation protecting technology

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Radiation protecting technology

Protection for radiation is an important topic in many sectors. Health and well-being of people are paramount in this field. The handling with this topic needs sensibility and precision.

For challenging tasks in the radiation protection sector, we at the Biersack company in Beilngries, have decades of experience and implement individual solutions for our customers. That’s ranges from one-time projects to serial components.

Explanation of leading

In many sectors, like medical technology, the use of controlled radiation is essential. So for example in radiography or cancer curing. Too much radiation is harmful for the human organism and can lead to severe damages. Therefore a certain protection must be ensured.

Due to its characteristics, lead suits are excellent for this task. Even in low material thickness it shields excessive doses radiation. Also the good malleability of lead is an advantage in the radiation protection technology and especially in the production of protective parts.

During the leading, the parts are coated with a lead layer. The technical leading is mainly handmade. It is very complex and requires a lot of experience and skill of our craftsmen. Depending on the requirements it may be necessary to lead single parts or even entire machines and plants.

Biersack regularly supplies parts in the following applications:

  • Transmitter and receiver units of mobile X-ray machines
  • Chambers and components of electron beam welding systems
  • Pipe connections, sleeves and elbows
  • Medical pass-throug chambers
  • Sheet metal coverings
  • Industrial X-ray chambers in measurement technology
  • Physical applications

Biersack is your competent partner in the radiation protection sector

The employees of the Biersack company are experienced in handling the material lead for radiation protection purposes. We lead diverse components for different application areas. You always can expect diligence and quality from us. A well-structured quality management reduces error rates and provides customer satisfaction.

Count on the long-term know how of Biersack company in the special topic radiation protection.