Semiconductors and electro industry

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Semiconductor and electrical industry

Especially in the semiconductor and electronic industry, precision is more important than ever. Especially when dealing with smaller components that need to fit together perfectly to form a functionally proper outcome. Also faster changes in the market require a high flexibility. The Biersack company in Beilngries can be at your side in this sector and can support you in the implementation of your plans.

Long-term experience in the semiconductor industry label our competence.

More than 70 years of experience in engineering are the competence for the production of high-class components for the semiconductor and electronic industry.

Precision components of highest tolerance, process know-how as well as a stable supply chain and an experienced team for the montage of the components play an important role at the Biersack company.

The Biersack company offers best service for the production of components for:

  • SMD placement machines
  • Reception and communication technology
  • Chip and wafer production
  • LED- & lighting technology

Biersack’s services in the precision technology sector:

In our company in Beilngries you receive the following reliable services and from one provider.

  1. Assistance in development and continuous part optimization
  2. Manufacture of all mechanical precision parts
  3. Procurement of all purchase and standard parts (including electronics)
  4. Surface treatment by qualified suppliers
  5. Ongoing quality control and assurance
  6. Assembly of all mechanical and electrical components as well as functional testing
  7. Delivery and consignment storage

Why you should trust us in the semiconductor and electronic industry sector for your order?

The Biersack company is characterized by a big network of suppliers that we were able to build up in the past years. Moreover we can show decades of experience in the precision mechanic sector and are also specialized in the production of smaller and middle number of pieces.

To give the best possible service to our customers and to avoid misinformation, we assign you a fixed contact person for your customer wishes. He is informed about the status of your project and answers your questions with pleasure.

A special highlight of our service is the product liability insurance.

Choose the Biersack company as your partner for productions in the semiconductor and electronic industry!