Semiconductors and electro industry

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Semiconductor and electrical industry

Biersack has over 60 years experience in mechanical engineering which leads to products with high quality for the semiconductor and electronical industry.

Precision components with highest tolerance, process Know-how as well as a stabile supply chain and a experienced assemble team play an important role in this process

At Biersack, we have experience in manufacturing components for

  • SMD placement machines
  • Reception and communication technology
  • Chip and wafer production
  • LED- & lighting technology

Services provided by Biersack

  1. Assistance in development and continuous part optimization
  2. Manufacture of all mechanical precision parts
  3. Procurement of all purchase and standard parts (including electronics)
  4. Surface treatment by qualified suppliers
  5. Ongoing quality control and assurance
  6. Assembly of all mechanical and electrical components as well as functional testing
  7. Delivery and consignment storage

This is what characterizes us:

  • Decades of experience in precision mechanics
  • Specialized in individual and complex solutions
  • Large supplier network
  • Specialized in small and medium quantities
  • Product liability insurance
  • 1 fixed contact person for your customers requirements