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Additive Manufacturing

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Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is already well known and tested and used across the board. With additive manufacturing (3D printing) you get completely new manufacturing and construction possibilities:

  • Complex geometrics and forms possible
  • Manufacturing without tools (fast and affordable)
  • Models, prototypes, and small batches

Design-driven manufacturing

The advantages of additive manufacturing are obvious. Many ideas can’t be realized satisfactorily with conventional methods. especially if you wish for a complex, light but nevertheless stable construction.

In these cases, we are able to use the principle of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing. This makes it possible to manufacture complex structures where conventional methods come to their limits. 3D printing offers a high level of freedom in design, functional optimization, integration, and individualization. Usually the limits of manufacturing methods determine the design of your product, but with additive manufacturing it’s the opposite.

We at Biersack in Beilngries count on innovative manufacturing methods and offer the following services in the field of additive manufacturing:

  • Advice around the topic additive manufacturing
  • Design and construction
  • Additive manufacturing (plastic, aluminium, steel, titanium, tungsten, …)
  • Rework/Finish of additive produced components

Building up instead of removing

The biggest difference to traditional methods is the composition of an object in layers instead of piecewise removing. The component is by and by formed through deposition of material. Metals, plastics and composite material can be used as layer material for this method.  The material is stacked up as a fine powder and melted with a laser at the exact point that is given by a computer. That’s why we can expect high precision with additive manufacturing.

Some time ago 3D printing was used to create a first prototype or object of study. Now we find this procedure also in serial manufacturing.

Start with Biersack in Beilngries in the future and implement your projects with the help of additive manufacturing even more precision and shaping options.