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Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Quality assurance (QA)

Machine data collection (MDC)

Graphical capacity scheduling

Mobile Warehousing

Document management(DMS)

At Biersack every step in our production is digitally planed, controlled, monitored and comprehensible which results in our own implementation of the digital production process: #biersack4.0. This allows us to track down every customer order and modify them.

Collecting machine data is the basis of our continuously improvement process. Only with real data out of our production we can check product profitability and interfere if necessary.

Digital production control center gives us an opportunity to overview our production in real time. This enables us to optimize the production scheduling and lower lead times as well as improve our delivery process.

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 8D / Problem Solving
  • OEE
  • 5S

Every piece we produce has its own fingerprint, realized through our documentation management tool. Every related document to a specific Product can be accessed at any time. This enables us to retrace every component and make the cv of their products for our customers digital available.

Using our CAQ software automated the workflow in our quality assurance. Initial samples drawings and other documents are linked to the EMPB and achieved in our DMS which makes them also part of the fingerprint of a product.

Other Tools:

  • CRM – Systems like ( SupplyOn )
  • Mobile Warehousing(Smart Logistics)
  • Workflow incoming goods
  • Smart Buildings
  • Digital Workplaces

Automated production

Biersack offers a big diversity of automated solutions for cnc machining. Depending on components and number of pieces the right automated solutions, such as robot solutions, flexible manufacturing systems or pallet container comes to use. This enables us to offer competitive prices made in Germany.