CNC Machining

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CNC machining

CNC milling

Modern control technology for the highest precision. At Biersack in Beilngries we produce with a diverse machinery:

  • Round the clock
  • 3-shift-operation
  • Automated

We take over the finest works for you with our technology, exact in line and point.

Overview CNC-milling Beilngries:

  • 6x 5-Axes-CNC centers
  • 10x CNC machining centers horizontal
  • 9x CNC machining centers vertical
  • 3x CNC profile machining centers
  • 1x CNC boring mill
  • 1x portal milling machine for large components
  • Automated solutions
  • Agile manufacturing system with 4 CNC machining centers
  • Robot cell
  • Maximum of 4.000x1.800x850 mm³

As you can see, we are best situated in the field of machining. Please contact us for more detailed information about our machines.

CNC turning

Besides our milling section we can offer you a comprehensive turning technology in our house to support the implementation of your projects with innovative techniques.  We are able to work precisely based on previously entered data with the help of full computer controlling. Our modern machines allow us to manufacture round the clock in a fully automated 3-shift operation.

Overview CNC-Turning Beilngries:

  • About 800 m² production area
  • 1x CNC swiss lathes (max. diam. 20mm)
  • 4x CNC lathes (max. diam. 550 mm)
  • 5x CNC lathe centers (max. diam. 500 mm)
  • 4x conventional lathes

Processing sizes

Lot size / Quantity

We realize various batch sizes in our manufacturing and adapt and optimize them to your wishes.

  • Prototypes (quantity starting from 1 piece)
  • Small sized batches (quantity of 100 pieces up to 1.000 pieces)
  • Medium sized batches (quantity from 30.000 pieces)


We can offer you a diversified range of applications and an extensive experience in editing diverse material compositions. We buy our materials exclusively from qualified suppliers. We have a big warehouse and guarantee a complete documentation and traceability of the finished products. We also work with material provided by customers.

Below we show you a selection of the most important materials that we use in our production:

Aluminum Al 99, AlCuMgPb, AlMgSi 1, AlZnMgCu, high strength aviation aluminum, aluminum investment casting, aluminum extrusions
All sorts of casting GG, GGG, iron, titanium, aluminium
All steels ST 37, C45, 9S20K, C60
Cu-alloys electrolytic copper, brass, bronze
Composite material carbin fibre, CFK, GFK, aramid, CFK + titanium
High corrosion resistance materials Inconel
Machinable ceramics  
Plastics PA, PVC, POM, PE, Teflon
Sinter metal molybdenum, tantal, precious metals
Soft magnetic materials pure iron
Stainless steels 1.4301, 1.4501, 1.4571
Stainless aircraft steel 1.4044, 1.3544, 1.4548, 17-4pH etc
Titanium TiAl6V4, titanium grade 1-5, titanium investment casting, ferror-titanite

Profile machining

The production of semi-finished products like profiles or pipes opens up a lot of sustainable realization potentials for many industrial sectors. Compared to chipping of raw material blocks, the shell surface of profile rods can be shaped closely to the final contour. That alone can save a lot of chipping work, time and costs.

That’s why we are specialized in chipping of extrusions and extrusion shapes!

In the section of profile chipping the Biersack company is contact person for:

  • Purchase and procurement of extrusions - also high-strength material for aerospace (7055, 7349)
  • Production of complete 5-axis profiles
  • -> ideal for pieces for the aerospace and automobile industry out of prefabricated profiles like extrusions shapes for airplane seat rails, cargo system rails, structure components, …
  • Up to 6.200 mm
  • Up to 20.000 1/min
  • Outlet up to 150 x 150 mm²

Milling, drilling or turning, chipping is the force of the Biersack company in Beilngries. Your components are in the best hands