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Project management

Our customers get a proven industry experienced contact person to help them with their project. Right from the hook we closely cooperate with our customers on development and design. Our years of experience will be seen in engineering and drawings which ensures to find the best economical way to produce products and prevents high cost for alterations.

If desired, we can do the complete design and documentation for you. Modern CAD systems and reliable engineers are part of our business. 

Even for your material selection, we can offer you the right partner so that your product can be realized as wished.

For every project stage beginning from the order stage, to delivery up to after-sales-services, there's a contact person helping you in any way possible.


We offer our customers to take over developing and engineering tasks for their products.
Subtasks, optimization or Re-Engineering tasks, all are done independent, supportive and reliable by us. Biersack will supports you through every stage.


Biersack has a highly qualified and experienced toolroom, where our gripping tools are disgned and produced by ourselves. For designing purpose, we use Solid Works which enables us to use your part data so that we can find the best clamping solution for your products and your manufacturing process.

  • Jigs
  • Pressure-/pressing-off fixtures
  • Measuring fixtures
  • Other tools

Also individual ustomer solutions will be produced according to the customers order.


With the newest CAM-system we will take over and process your data for you. We use Mastercam to create process safe NC-Programmes for prototyping as well as for series production for our customers. The created programms for the componets are of different size and complexity and run on vertical and horizontal machines with 3 to 5 axes and one or more spindles.

Considering the material properties and the tool selection is one of our core competencies.

We can test and check machining processes with software simulations in advance to aviod failures or collisions.



Fixture construction and tool making

Years of experience allow us to develop, construct and build tools and fixtures on modern CAD-Systems which enables us to analyze and optimize design and its clamping situation or its testing situation in advance. Our department is specialized in

  • Jigs
  • Measuring fixtures
  • Pressing-off fixtures
  • Automation solutions