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Unusual Procedures

Lead as material

The heavy metal is a constant companion in our daily life. We are in contact with this diverse material not only on our; rooftops, protection sector, or big construction machinery, but also in modern telecommunication and other high-tech equipment aren’t conceivable without lead. This will continue to the future.

The element has an exceptional high density, which makes it the ideal material for effective radiation protection. Shields made out of this material for example are able to protect body parts during radiography. You all know the lead aprons we get in smaller X-ray examinations. Lead shields diagnostic or therapeutic radiation sources already in low material thicknesses.

Technical lead coating for radiation protection

In this procedure, building components of high quality (turned or milled parts) or housings and sheets are equipped with a leaden coat. The lead serves in this way as radiation protection.

The Biersack company regularly leads components in the following cases:

  • Transmitter and receiver modules of mobile X-ray machines
  • Chambers and components of electron beam welding machines
  • Pipe connections, sleeves and manifolds
  • Medical pass-through chambers
  • Sheet metal claddings
  • Industrial X-ray chambers for measurement
  • and more

Work steps: Leading for radiation protection

The technical Leading is mainly handmade. Its very complex and requires a lot of experience and skill.

  1.  Cutting the lead
  2. Forming the lead material
  3. Installation of the material on devices and antibodies
  4. Glueing the material
  5. Welding the material
  6. Checking if the product is sealed and radiopaque

Biersack comes up with an experienced team in the field of leading. So we are able to implement your individual solutions and use cases. We are looking forward to your request.

Composite materials are especially used in following requirements:

  • Low thermal expansion
  • Lightness
  • Dynamic load of components
  • X-ray permeability

We offer you following services for the work with composite materials:

  • Production of components made of composite materials
  • CFRP chipping on suitable machines
  • Complex components out of bonds
  • Production of CFRP combined components (aluminium, steel, …)

Leading for radiation protection and the work with innovative composite materials: You found a competent partner with exceptional procedures, the Biersack company.