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Without exact logistical planning around the manufacturing processes, a finely tuned systematic way of work is not possible. At the Biersack company in Beilngries we not only want to organize procurement, production and assembly efficiently but also everything around. We always have in mind the efficient organization of your supply chain.


For your products we offer you individual packing concepts according to national and international standards. Your individual design demands influence the packing just like your environmental and transport guidelines.

That’s how we secure that not only the product itself fits your suggestions but also its packaging. You won’t have any problems in further distribution.


Materials and finished components need special storing possibilities. As system supplier we have comprehensive storing places on hand which simplify our companies logistics. We can set up a personalized warehousing for you and offer you various possibilities.

In this way your components, materials and devices are stored safely until you need them to further work with them or distribute them without worrying about it.


Our in-house haulage at the Biersack company in Beilngries delivers globally, punctually and fast. We can guarantee a delivery with our own trucks around the metropolitan area of Munich and Nuremberg. The logistical effort for you is slight.

Also the co-operation with your haulage is possible for us. Even international deliveries are no problem.

We always coordinate the whole transport with you to avoid logistical difficulties and to find an individual solution every time.

Due to the close collaboration with our suppliers and customers we are able to offer a reliable supply chain. The Biersack company in Beilngries is not only mechanically but also logistically best constructed, to suffice its high quality demands from procurement to delivery.

We are looking forward to a co-operation with your company!