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Products & Services

System Suppliers

Biersack is one of the leading system suppliers in Germany. With our experience we will handle all your processes to increase the efficiency of your supply chain. 

Our customers get a proven industry experienced contact cerson to help them with their processes.

Your technical and organizational processes will be handled by us and our strategic partners or sub suppliers.

Precision and Complexity

Our well trained employees show their skills and know-how by manufactoring high-quality and precisonal mechanical components as it is one of our main competences.

We see complexity of materials, gemoetry and tolerance not as a problem but as our daily challenge!



Diversity for individual Customer Solutions

The diversity of customers we have and their individual requierements are reflect in our products as there are none like the others: Material, size of components, manufacturing process, vertical integration, BOM structure, downstream processes and more.

Daily, we live this diversity through well trained and agile employees and processes.



Industry 4.0

Every single process we have is planned, controlled and monitored through an integrated ERP/PPS-System.

Industry 4.0 at Biersack