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Unusual Procedures


Lead can be found everywhere in our daily lives. We see lead not only on rooftops, but also as radiation protection and in big constructions. Also modern communication and high-tech devices is unthinkable without lead, this will remain like this in the future.

Lead has an extraordinary dense which makes it a very effective radiation protection. This can be seen in every modern x-ray machine where lead protects body parts that should not be x-rayed. Lead also shields of dangerous radiation, even with low material thickness, in medical radiation therapies.

Technical lead-coating for radiation portection

In this process, high quality components like turning-, milling parts or cases are equipped with a lead-coat which is for radiation protection. 

The following list shows different areas of application where Biersack uses lead components:

  • Transmission and receiving unit in mobile X-ray machines
  • Chambers and parts in electronic beam welding equipment
  • Pipe fittings, clutches and elbow
  • Medical pass chambers
  • Sheet metal coverings
  • Industrial radiation chamber for measuring technology
  • and many more

The process of technical leading is a demanding act and needs a lot of experience as it is mainly done by hand: 

1.    Cutting the lead

2.    Get the lead in shape

3.    Install the material to a fixture

4.    Glue the material 

5.    Weld the material

6.    Check the product in terms of tightness and radiolucency


Biersack can offer an experienced team to produce your individual solutions. We're looking forward to your inquiry.

CFK / Carbon fiber

Composites are used more and more in the industry.

We deliver parts, made of carbon or other composites, to our customers in different industry sectors, such as Healthcare, Aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Composites are most fitting if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low weight required
  • Dynamical burden of components
  • X-ray permeability

We offer following services:

  • Manufacturing of parts made out of composites
  • CFK-machining
  • Complex components made of adhesive bonds
  • Manufacturing of parts combining more materials (aluminum / steel with CFK)