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Our customers value Biersack for its excellent product quality and the reliability of its services.

Our outstanding quality management takes a big part in this service. We render continually and reliably best quality outcomes and fulfill the highest quality standards.

All our employees live our quality based processes and demand high requirements on their own work.

Integrated management system

We operate with an integrated management system which takes the quality and work safety into equal account. It is applied in all relevant processes and is continually improved and further developed.


We are certified by independent certification departments according to following standards:

Quality planning

We determine the optimal processes with high product safety already in the run-up via detailed quality planning. Thereby your individual quality requirements are implemented precisely. With long-standing experience and know-how, we make your product ready for series production. Furthermore we constantly optimize the ongoing production by using the latest technology and experiences. We aim for continuous quality improvement.

Quality assurance

Self-control and process oriented measurements are part of our measurement processe. We also set up decentral measuring stations.To constantly ensure our quality we use process-related Measurements and the employee self-monitoring principle. On top we established decentralized measuring stations.

The monitoring of our products and processes is inter alia accompanied by our specialist department “Quality Assurance”.

The Quality Assurance department is mainly responsible for the following tasks:

  • Incoming goods inspections
  • Experimental tests
  • Manufacturing inspections
  • Initial sampling
  • Intermediate and final. Inspections
  • Product audits
  • Inspection equipment monitoring

For this our quality assurance department can use a generous selection of measuring- and test-facilities:

  • 3-D-coordinates-measuring-machines in the dimensions

x: 1.200 mm, y: 2.500 mm, z: 1.000 mm and
x: 1.000 mm, y: 4.000 mm, z: 1.000 mm

  • Programmable altimeters (statistics software available)
  • Measuring projector
  • Surface-measuring-machines (stationary and und portable)
  • Hardness tester
  • Coating thickness gage
  • Balancing device
  • Modern electronic hand-held meters (statistics software available)
  • Wide assortment of special measuring machines
  • Various gauge options
  • Endoscopy, digital photography  
  • Big, well lighted, air-conditioned measuring rooms
  • Granite- and steel measuring tables on all central points
  • Monitored test equipment park at every manufacturing unit

We use modern CAQ-systems for planning, evaluation and documentation. Moreover we register and control the measured data during the process via statistical process control (SPC) and provide the results on every data medium.

As you can see, quality and quality management are two of our most important aspects of our company. That’s why we raise the resources to secure them. That’s how we at Biersack in Beilngries want to ensure an optimal outcome in all our production processes.