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Supply Chain Management

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SCM - Supply Chain Management

As a system supplier, we try to keep the supply chain of our customers small and efficient. Therefore we offer all relevant processes for your products.

We take over the complete supplier management and we will be for you a high-quality and punctual Partner. Our big supplier network, which is not just regional but national and global, only contains suppliers who meet the following requirements:

  1. High quality of their products or processes

  2. High quality of their confirmation of delivery dates

  3. Best costs for each product or process in the different regions and countries

  4. Transparency and confidence

With some of our suppliers we do have a strategic cooperation which enables us to develop and manage large projects in our non-core-competences. 


Currently, our main purchasing focuses are in the following material groups:

  • Raw materials as tailored products or cut standard-lengths (aluminum, steel...)
  • Casted- and forged parts
  • Sheet metal bending- and stamping parts
  • Engines, wheels, guides, electronical parts, norm parts und standards 
  • Surface- and heat treatment 
  • Consumables and packaging
  • Other services such as bending, welding and others

If you're interested, you're welcome to contact our purchase department.


Powder coating

Powder coating at Biersack is an emission and solvent free surface treatment. Due to the burning process, powder coating is stable and resistant against environmental impacts.


Liquid painting is a fast and individual surface treatment for any surfaces which allows us to offer our customers a fast and cheap surface treatment.


With our qualified partners, we offer electroplating of products. In this processe coating thickness made of copper, nickel, zinc or precious metals such as gold and silver is applied. The result is an corrosion resistance product which you can rely on.


To complete the design of your products we offer surface labeling. We engrave your products with inject or laser marking to brand them.

Screen print

We print in different formats and forms with a wide range of print colors.