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Supply Chain Management

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SCM - Supply Chain Management

To keep your supply chain slim and efficient we offer you as system supplier, all processes that are relevant for your product from one provider.

Biersack takes over the complete supplier management and serves you as a quality and date responsible system partner. We can fall back on a big supplier network; not only regional, but also national, and global. We only work together with suppliers that fulfill the following requirements for your supply chain:

  1. Best quality of products and processes (0-errors)

  2. Punctual (On-Time-Delivery)

  3. Best price for every product or process in the various areas and countries

  4. Transparency and trust

We cultivate strategic co-operations with some of the suppliers, that’s why we can also offer developments and bigger project scopes at our non-core-competences.

Supply Chain Management - Purchase

Our shopping main focus rests currently on the following material groups:

  • Raw materials as tailored products or cut standard-lengths (aluminum, steel...)
  • Casted- and forged parts
  • Sheet metal bending- and stamping parts
  • Engines, wheels, guides, electronical parts, norm parts und standards 
  • Surface- and heat treatment 
  • Consumables and packaging
  • Other services such as bending, welding and others

You want to qualify as supplier? Get in contact with our purchase department and become a partner.


Powder coating

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly, emission and solvent-free way to treat surfaces. The powder coating is extremely stable and resistant against environmental influences thanks to the process of burning-in.


All surfaces can be created fast, individually, and valuably due to wet painting. In this way we are able to offer an efficient and cost-effective surface treatment to our customers.


We offer electroplating in cooperation with our qualified partners. In this method we apply coating metals like; copper, nickel, and zinc or noble metals like gold or silver. The most frequent practice is the anodic oxidation (anodization of aluminium). In this way you can expect a reliable corrosion protection for the surface and can rely on your products.


To finish the design of your products, we offer you the possibility to label your product-surfaces. We use engraving, inkjet, or laser labeling to mark your product.

Screen print

We print in different sizes and forms and use sundry printing colors.

The Biersack company in Beilngries made it to it’s business to optimize your supply chain management. As system supplier we talk over all of your purchase and acquisition duties. The fast supply processes our reliable partners and our high standards of quality help us fulfill your wishes.